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I am knowledgable with recommender algorithms and am just getting started with Apache Mahout on our Hadoop cluster. I have been using the mahout command-line program with Mahout 0.8 following the tutorials here:

Can someone help with some questions:

  1. In standard recommendation algorithm best practices, one uses a test set to evaluate RMSE, MAE, etc. metrics (e.g. in the Netflix Challenge, the metric of interest was RMSE). I successfully ran a Mahout recommendation job, but I don't see how to generate such metrics. Can someone help?

  2. The mahout command-line program does a lot, but I have seen examples where one needs to write code in Java. When would I need to do that (rather than use the mahout script)?

  3. mahout 0.8 apparently supports two recommender algorithms available on the command-line, recommenditembased and recommendfactorized. I know the former is item-item based collaborative filtering. Is the latter using SVD?

  4. Is user-user collaborative filtering or other algorithms available?

Thanks for any help.

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