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I like to add the range to the testDiv as 1111-2222 without replacing the existing text inside the testDiv, how do I do that, append is continuosly appending the values on every key up, .html() replacing the existing text. any idea?

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You can just add span to your div after the text and .text() your values to it like

$('input[name=low],input[name=high]').on("keyup paste", function(){
var min = $("input[name=low]").val();
var max = $("input[name=high]").val();


Working Fiddle

Or you can save your text in some variable and then just add it to your .html() like it made here

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I think you may use change event instead (Example):

$('input[name=low],input[name=high]').on("change", function(){

The change event happens only if content changes in the element and after you leave the element, so all content will be appended at once.

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