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I need to avoid upgrading to Dartium 35 or higher because I have an AngularDart application that requires applyAuthorStyles and Chromium 35 has removed that feature. I need to defer the upgrade until I can successfully migrate my application away from its NgComponent-derived classes.

How do I get around Dartium's built-in expiration without altering my system clock?

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According to this post you can set an environment variable:

# Set to Jan 2020

However, this issue says that the change to support the environment variable was reverted.

So, this env variable may work; but if it doesn't, you're probably out luck, since the code looks pretty hard-wired.

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I don't need it anymore (coincidentally the exact problem I had that necessitated a migration was solved about a week later), but thanks anyway. :) –  ALW Sep 14 '14 at 1:31

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