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Is there anyway select an image from a folder inside the server, instead of submitting from HTML on a client side, and work on it using PHP? Then I want to resize the image and save as a different name to the same folder on the server. This gonna be by clicking a button from client side.

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I would call that FTP. –  robbmj Apr 18 at 2:55

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You can use this class.

// get image for manipulate from temp folder
$image = new Image($sourcePath);
// manipulate
$image->resize($targetWidth, $targetHeight, Image::AUTO)->sharpen(1)->quality(95)->save($resultPath);
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I have code ready for image resizing and other things. The problem is it is work when I grab the file from desktop, but not working when grab from server. location of file on the server: $pic = "../user/$log_email/$avatar"; $fileName = $_FILES["$pic"]["name"]; $fileTmpLoc = $_FILES["$pic"]["tmp_name"]; $fileType = $_FILES["$pic"]["type"]; $fileSize = $_FILES["$pic"]["size"]; $fileErrorMsg = $_FILES["$pic"]["error"]; –  Ahad Apr 18 at 23:02

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