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Our security current works like this. When the user logs in, we generate a token and set it as a cookie. We then have a custom filter configured before the FORM_LOGIN_FILTER that looks for the token, and if the token is valid, authenticates the request.

I am now wanting to be able to authenticate through basic authentication without a token to do some admin/backdoor type requests. I added <security:http-basic /> to the config and got the authentication manager setup.

However, the problem is in how the built in Spring Security filters are ordered. According to this table in the docs, the FORM_LOGIN_FILTER is before the BASIC_AUTH_FILTER. So, when I try to make one of these requests, it hits our custom filter, but there's no token, so it doesn't authenticate. Then it hits the FORM_LOGIN_FILTER, but there's no username and password in the request, so it doesn't authenticate, and sends you back to the login page. It doesn't even get to the BASIC_AUTH_FILTER.

Is there anyway to move the BASIC_AUTH_FILTER before the FORM_LOGIN_FILTER? Then it would have a chance to authenticate before kicking me back to the login page. We're using Spring Security 3.1.4, but I can probably move to a newer version if necessary.

The only other option I can think of is to create a custom filter that extends the BASIC_AUTH_FILTER and configure that before the FORM_LOGIN_FILTER. That just doesn't seem right though. I just want to use the one already implemented, but change the order.

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