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Primefaces version 4.0 JSF 2.2.5

I have a tabview which is binded to a viewScoped bean.I add tabs dynamically on click of a button in datatable . The problem is when I use jsf 2.2.5 the ids for the tab which are added is null but the id is not null when I use jsf 2.2.4

I have to use jsf 2.2.5 as 2.2.4 gives NullPointerException instead of ViewExpiredException https://java.net/jira/browse/JAVASERVERFACES-3097

Here is the code that i use to add the Tab to a TabView

    Tab tab = new Tab();
    fullTextMenu.setFor("resultTabViewId:" + tab.getId());
    RequestContext context = RequestContext.getCurrentInstance();

I need the id of the dynamically added tab as i want to attach a context menu to it . When i use jsf 2.2.4 i get id using the " tab.getId()" but the same thing returns null from jsf 2.2.5 onwards

Thanks Nirav Shah

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Well I still haven't found a solution for this problem .Any help is appreciated . –  nirav Jun 11 at 9:28

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