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In my procedure of my bubble sort, I get this error:

Unhandled exception at 0x00000006 in Project.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation.

This occurs at ret of the procedure. I am not sure what does error means or how to fix this.

INCLUDE Irvine32.inc
     arrayDW SDWORD 5,6,7,3,5,3    ;array

     main PROC
          mov esi, OFFSET arrayDW       ;ESI points arrayDW
          mov ecx, LENGTHOF arrayDW     ;ECX = array count
          call Bubblesort               ;sorts arrayDW
     main ENDP

     Bubblesort PROC 

          push esi      ;save esi
          push ecx      ;save ecx 
          dec ecx       ; size of array

               push ecx                 ;save outer loop count
               mov esi, arrayDW         ;point to first value in the array was {mov esi, arrayDW}

               mov eax, arrayDW[esi]       ; get array value, eax is the comparer
               cmp arrayDW[esi+4], eax     ; compare current value with the next value
               jg L3               ; if [ESI=eax] <= [ESI+4], do not exchange
               xchg eax, arrayDW[esi+4]   ; exchange the pair since [ESI=eax] > [ESI+4]
               mov arrayDW[esi], eax       ; place the higher value 

               add esi, 4        ;move both pointers foward
               loop L2           ; looping inner loop

               pop ecx           ;retrieve outer loop count
               loop L1           ; else repeat outer loop

    Bubblesort ENDP

END main
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My assembly is atrociously rusty, but it looks like you push esi and push ecx at the start of your bubblesort routine and never pop them, so your ret instruction would be trying to pull the caller's address off the stack and end up jumping to what had been ecx, that is, the length of your array. Your array had 6 elements in it, so it would make sense that you'd end up jumping to 0x00000006.

You can fix this either by adding two pop instructions at the end of your subroutine or by removing the push esi and push ecx at the start of it.

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