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I'm trying to migrate my app to Ruby 1.9, however ActiveRecord keeps retrieving records out of my MySQL database with an ASCII encoding, causing "incompatibility between utf-8 and ASCII" like errors. I've tried setting the "encoding: utf-8" in the database.yml file, and I've also tried putting " #coding: utf-8 " at the top the errant file with no luck. I thought it might be that the fields in my database were the issue, but even after converting everything over to utf-8, the incompatibility errors still exist.

Is there perhaps something else in MySQL that defines the encoding to ActiveRecord that I am missing here?

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Can you give some example of the errors? –  anshul Feb 22 '10 at 23:30
One example is "incompatible encoding regexp match (UTF-8 regexp with ASCII-8BIT string)". It's a simple regex with I have with gsub, looking something like this: sentence.gsub(/~/, ""). I know the error is caused because the "sentence" string is being returned as ASCII, but I don't know how to tell ActiveRecord to make it UTF-8. –  joeellis Feb 22 '10 at 23:41
Can you give the stack trace for the error? –  Benjamin Manns Feb 23 '10 at 1:10

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Apparently an issue with Ruby 1.9 and the mysql gem. See this question.

Should be solved by using the mysql2 gem.

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