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I am unfamiliar with this concept of dumping an array. Does it mean to remove all contents of an array? Also this concept of dumping. What does it imply?

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print all values of array, dump to screen –  Lashane Apr 18 at 6:40

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The term "dump" in computing is an old one, going back at least to the 1970's and probably a lot further than that.

Classically, it meant to output the values of something in an uninterpreted form (e.g. octal or hexadecimal) that can then be used when diagnosing a problem. (So for example, I recall reading computer printouts with "register dumps" and "core dumps" to try to figure why my CDC 6400 programs had crashed ... when I was an undergraduate in 1970-something.)

Without seeing the context, it sounds like "array dumping" is the same idea; i.e. output / display the array contents to see what is in it, for diagnostic purposes.


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