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I want to restrict user from accessing certain feature. For that I want to take two times fee from user . first fee by stripe and Other by in-app purchase

But According to my investigation . Apple doesn't allow to use other api for a restricting and feature inside the mobile app. Please Guide me.

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Apple rejects apps that use third parties payments systems for buying virtual content. It seems that it is your case. You have two variants:

Use only In-app purchases.

  • Application approving guaranteed


  • 30% of money goes to Apple

Remove payments from application at all and move it to Web Site.

  • You won't pay 30% to Apple


  • 50% chance that application would be approved to publication in App Store
  • Bad user experience cause of redirecting users from app to web site.
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Thanks for reply. – KDRocks Apr 18 '14 at 10:20

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