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My program has a problem.. It is WordWrap is abled...

Exactly, I want to use linwrap but i don't want wordwrap...

I searched this

JTextPane textPane = new JTextPane();
JPanel noWrapPanel = new JPanel( new BorderLayout() );
noWrapPanel.add( textPane );
JScrollPane scrollPane = new JScrollPane( noWrapPanel );

When i use this code, Both linewrap and wordwrap are disabled....

I want to make use linewrap....

sorry my terrible English skill... I believe you can get what i mean please help me...

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I believe you can get what i mean please help me... - not really. Using JDK7 on Window7 I don't get "word wrap". That is a complete word is moved to a new line when wrapping occurs, which I believe is the correct behaviour. Maybe I don't understand what you mean by word wrap. If you want the text to wrap in the middle of the word then you can use a JTextArea. Otherwise you can post a SSCCE that demonstrates your problem. –  camickr Apr 18 '14 at 15:13

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Here it is :

Link for it

// Override getScrollableTracksViewportWidth
// to preserve the full width of the text
public boolean getScrollableTracksViewportWidth() {
    Component parent = getParent();
    ComponentUI ui = getUI();

    return parent != null ? (ui.getPreferredSize(this).width <= parent
        .getSize().width) : true;

Other link

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