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I am working with Joomla 2.5 and I need to set a page each language to be visible only to registered users.

Now that's what I have done already:

  1. I created 5 new pages with restricted access (Registered), one each language
  2. Created 5 new menu items, linking to single articles with restricted access (Registered)
  3. Created a module to display the above menu with restricted access (Registered)

Everything works fine, so the menu items link to the correct pages, except that I get the module also for Public users.

Where am I wrong?

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You need to create a guest usergroup which is not a part of the registered user group. Then you should set your default usergroup for not-logged in users as guest instead of public. You can do that in the options of the user manager page. That should do the trick.

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Guest user group how to - cmsmind.com/… –  Brent Friar Apr 20 at 2:09
Got it and it was easy the how to by Brent! –  A. D'Alfonso Jun 30 at 8:09

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