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We have an Excel Plugin project currently having its installer written in WiX. Now there is a proposition about moving it to InstallShield Premier 2013. I have come across things like good UI and easy drag and drop features in comparisons discovered on the internet. Chief points on which I need advice for choosing InstallShield over WiX is :

1.Checking re-usability of WiX code instead of writing entire thing again in InstallScript.

2.We have MSI installer in WiX and other full exe installer written in VC++, so can I use DLL code here?

3.I dont really know what blogs by experts discourage use of InstallShield over WiX.

4.Also as far as I have researched, we would need using VBScripts in our installer for checking office service packs and all, but then I came across this article by Rob Mensching

Requirements for our installer majorly include successfully installing the COM Add-in for Microsoft Office Applications and using third party merge module. Any good suggestions regarding these points are welcomed and would be of help.

EDIT: I am moving to InstallShield but have a lot of components defined under a single feature in my WiX project. So should I go about directly editing the MSI component table using InstallShield/ORCA or is there any other linkings I will need to take care of?

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An aging overview: – Stein Åsmul Apr 19 '14 at 22:25

Either tool can get the job done. The important thing is to do it professionally without the need for custom action hacks. Done properly, there likely wouldn't be need of any InstallScript custom actions in your InstallShield MSI. You would just be switching one MSI authoring tool for another.

It sounds like you don't have a solid undedrstanding of MSI best practices. So rather then focus on how to do something, focus on what needs to be done. Perhaps you need to:

1) Install some redistributables ( C++, .NET, Office PIA, VSTO... make a list that applies )

2) Create Directories, Install Files

3) Register COM servers

4) Configure Office Registry Keys

5) Consume third party merge module

After you figure out all of that, start researching how you would do each in both tools. Search for preexisting questions or ask new questions. Learn the best practices for each of those and then once you have all that information decide which tool is the best tool for the job.

An expert consultant can help here in that a) the project gets done faster and right the first time and b) a pair programming / mentoring relationship can greatly increase the knowledge transfer rate.

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Thanks !! As you would have read, the entire project is already up and running in WiX, and I am looking for options regarding migrating it to InstallShield. – Sid Apr 18 '14 at 11:19
I'd start with reviewing what's being done right and wrong in WiX. – Christopher Painter Apr 18 '14 at 11:46

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