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This question is related to this Check email template after meta tag replacement and before sending in Mandrill.

I would like to know if there is a way to configure the Mandrill to send an email only when all the merge tags in the email template have been replaced. Is this possible?

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AFAIK this isn't possible to configure with Mandrill.

You can (maybe should) perform this using the API however - take advantage of the render method to pre-render the outgoing email, and then look for any un-replaced fields.

function has_merge_tags($string)
    return ( strpos("|*", $string) === false AND strpos("*|", $string) === false);

function send_email($template_code, $merge_fields)
    $mandrill = new Mandrill(APIKEY);

    // pre-render the template with the merged fields
    $result = $mandrill->templates->render($name, array(), $merge_fields);

    if (has_merge_tags($result['html']))
        // throw exception, log it, whatever



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