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I have to split a string in vbscript with below token

_[any digit].archiveRT

For Example _1.archiveRT

Plase tell me how can I split such in vbscript

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If the pattern is similar, then you can simply use Split to split the string on dot –  Pankaj Jaju Apr 18 at 10:53
actually I have to fetch string before this last token. –  agarwal_achhnera Apr 18 at 10:55

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While you surely could implement your own SplitOnRe() function (modelled e.g. on Perl's split), the dirty/risky trick of replacing the regexp's matches with a unique/not possible in data marker and Split() on this may be less effort for (nearly) the same gain. In Code:

>> Set r = New RegExp
>> r.Global = True
>> r.Pattern = "\d+"
>> For Each s In Array("x12y", "ab0cd", "a99999999b")
>>     WScript.Echo Join(Split(r.Replace(s,"<>"), "<>"), "|")
>> Next

(The idea is (c) dm_4ever; see his contribution to the discussion on Split/RegExp)

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You said you have to fetch the string before this last token? So do you have a string like this?


In that case, if the first part of your string is guaranteed to not contain an underscore, you could just split on _.

s = Split("foofoofoo_1.archiveRT", "_")

' s(0) is now "foofoofoo"

If there may be underscores in your string (prior to your "token"), you could just trim off the last Len("_1.archiveRT") characters.

s = Left(s, Len(s) - Len("_1.archiveRT"))

' or...

s = Left(s, Len(s) - 12)
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