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i'm trying to make a program that read other programs and returns a table with the parts of the program with the LOC of the parts and the number of methods, parts being classes, main, interfaces, etc...

I've count the total LOC and the total of the parts and methods. But I can't figure how to do it in parts.

here is my code


class Split

def leer_archivo

    loc = 0                 #Lines of code
    comments = 0            #Two type of comments 
    methods = 0             #def
    conditionals = 0        #if, else, ifelse, unless
    iterative = 0           #while, until 
    parts = 0               #Classes or if__FILE__
    long_comment = false    #If it is a large comment  
    cond = true
    elementos = 0
    nombre = nil 

    until cond == false

        puts "enter the file name: "
        path = gets.chomp

        f = File.open(path)

        while line = f.gets

            loc += line.split(/\n/).size    #this doesn't count empty lines

            if line.chomp == "=begin"
                long_comment = true

            if not long_comment

                words = line.split(/ /)

                words.each do |word|

                    word = word.gsub(/\s+/, "").chomp

                    if word == "class" or word == "__FILE__"    
                        parts += 1  
                        nombre = word

                    if word == "def" 
                        methods += 1

                    if word == "if" or word == "else" or word == "ifelse" or word == "unless"
                        conditionals += 1

                    if word == "while" or word == "until"
                        iterative += 1  


                elementos = conditionals + iterative


            if line.chomp == "=end"
                long_comment = false
                comments += 1


        puts "LOC total: #{loc} lines"

        puts "Number of methods: #{methods} "
            puts "Number of parts: #{parts} "
            puts "Number of elements : #{elementos}"
            puts " "

        cond = false



If someone can help me I would be really grateful

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It depends what do you really want to achieve. There is ready ruby parser, which you could use and work on AST-like structure. If you aim at learning how to parse code it won't be useful, but keep in mind that parsing dynamic language is pretty hard task. –  samuil Apr 18 '14 at 11:35

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