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I want my application to work in Portrait & reversePortrait mode .. In other words, I want it to work in portrait and make it rotatable 180 degrees!

I'm using the following code within <activity> tag of the MainActivity in the Manifest.


However, this seems to work only on Android 4.1.2 and backward.

It doesn't work on Android 4.2.2 and above!

I tried on different phones, the same result! How to solve it?

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On your device: System settings/Display/Rotation. Enable the 180° option (disabled by default). –  Der Golem Apr 18 at 12:07
@BobMalooga I'm debugging with Android 4.2.2 | I didn't find anything like that in Dispaly Settings, only the main rotation-enable checkbox –  Alaa Elrifaie Apr 18 at 12:52

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I'm aware of a typo error by Google that replaced sensorPortrait by sensorPortait at some point.

Not sure if that is your case, but depending on your targetApi, it might.

Use sensorPortait and see what happens at compilation.

This has been fixed in API 16.

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This is indeed the correct answer. Lint might not allow you to compile though, so it may be necessary to fiddle with Lint settings on that one. –  Michell Bak May 7 at 10:39
Or set your targetApi at API >= 16. Even lint should then be okay, I think. –  shkschneider May 7 at 12:15
Targeting an old API level is generally not a good idea, though. –  Michell Bak May 7 at 12:15

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