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I'm trying to implement a secure google cloud endpoint in python for multi-clients (js / ios / android)

I want my users to be able to log by three ways loginForm / Google / Facebook.

I read a lot of docummentation about that but I didn't realy understood how I have to handle connection flow and session (or something else) to keep my users logged.

I'm also looking for a way to debug my endpoint by displaying objects like Request for exemple.

If someone know a good tutorial talking about that, it will be verry helpfull.

thank you

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For request details, add 'HttpServletRequest' (java) to your API function parameter. For Google authentication, add 'User' (java) to your API function parameter and integrate with Google login on client. For twitter integration, use Google app-engine OpenID. For facebook/loginForm, its all on you to develop a custom auth.

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Ok I think for OpenId the Google doc is enough but do you know a good tutorial or exemple to implement facebook ok a loginForm in python? –  user1014102 Apr 23 at 15:31
*facebook or a loginForm –  user1014102 Apr 23 at 15:54
some more directions about facebook login at stackoverflow.com/questions/18716674/… –  Ashish Apr 23 at 23:16

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