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I want to run a union query on qry_1 in C:\DB\DB1.mdb and qry_2 in C:\DB\DB2.mdb

All examples I have seen only show how to run a Union Query on query's in the same database, how can you do this when the query's are in different databases?

EDIT --- Grr, not quite displaying results like I was after. That shows each entry twice. Is there a way to only show the entry one time? For example if qry_1 returns Joe 14, Jack 16, Jimmy 12 and qry_2 returns Joe 22, Jack 48, Jimmy 66 is there a way to SUM those results in the UNION Query? I tried changing the syntax to a group by like so, but didn't work:

Select Name, Count FROM [C:\DB\DB1.mdb].qry_1
SELECT Name, Count FROM [C:\DB\DB2.mdb].qry_2
GROUP BY Name, Count
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For your case nothing changed, use:

SELECT * FROM [C:\DB\DB1.mdb].qry_1
SELECT * FROM [C:\DB\DB2.mdb].qry_2

UPD: To SUM them i would recommend GROUP BY. Let's say we saved upper query as qry_U then try smth like this:

SELECT [Name], SUM([Numbers]) FROM [qry_U] GROUP BY [Name]
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Thank you, that did the trick. Please take note of my edit and let me know if access allows for this. –  user3535895 Apr 18 at 12:57

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