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I need to access a boolean or int field in activity from jni which is not static, but i get this JNI Warning and throws exception

JNI WARNING: instance fieldID 0x46488338 not valid for class Ljava/lang/Class; in Lcom/example/filehandler/FileHandlerActivity;.beginFileOperation:(Ljava/lang/String;)I (GetIntField)

I am able to access a static field, why it's not able to access an instance field?

Here is the JNI code i used to access int field in Activity:

jint Java_com_example_filehandler_FileHandlerActivity_beginFileOperation(JNIEnv *env,jobject obj,jstring path)

  jclass cls=(*env)->GetObjectClass(env,obj);
  //jclass cls=(*env)->FindClass(env,"com/example/filehandler/FileHandlerActivity");
    LOG_INFO("jni : class not found");
    return 0;

  jfieldID fid=(*env)->GetFieldID(env,cls,"status","I");
    LOG_INFO("jni : field not found");
    return 0;
    LOG_INFO("jni : field found");

  LOG_INFO("jni : sdcard status = %d",sdcard_status);



  return 1;
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Is beginFileOperation declared static native in the Java source? (Please paste the declaration in your question.) –  fadden Apr 18 at 18:02
@fadden i was never bothered of static keyword that i declared in activity, and it worked when i removed it. many thanks. –  Raneez Ahmed Apr 19 at 8:26

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