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What are the differences between XDefaultScreen and XDefaultScreenOfDisplay? I can see they respectively return an integer and a struct pointer, but what are those return values used for? When would you choose one over the other? Why are there 2 functions anyway?

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XDefaultScreen (usually called by the macro DefaultScreen) returns the screen number which is used in most xlib functions where you want to specify a screen e.g. DefaultGC

XDefaultScreenOfDisplay (usually called by the macro DefaultScreenOfDisplay) returns a Screen pointer and is generally used when you want to find out information about a screen e.g. WidthOfScreen

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Does the screen structure change as the screen changes, or is it a state? –  Jeroen Bollen Apr 18 at 16:02
If you look in Xlib.h, it's just referencing pointers in the display structure so I would guess the structure would change. –  parkydr Apr 18 at 16:24
Is there a particular reason why the ID is also used then, and not always the structure? –  Jeroen Bollen Apr 18 at 17:28
I really don't know, but I suppose it might be easier if you want to use a specific screen number –  parkydr Apr 18 at 19:03
Is there a way to convent one to the other? –  Jeroen Bollen Apr 19 at 16:28

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