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I'm writing a file system explorer, its appearance mimicking MS Explorer. When run in Windows 8 and newer, its navigation band (a toolbar of TravelComposited subclass) should look as follows: enter image description here

However, up arrow image isn't available in .msstyles file (and I don't want to include my own resources), so I try to draw it as rotated NAV_BACKBUTTON image from NAVIGATION class:

atheme := OpenThemeData(FNavButton, 'NAVIGATION');
bmp := TGPBitmap.Create(BtnRect.Width, BtnRect.Height, PixelFormat32bppARGB);
gfx := TGPGraphics.Create(bmp);
rect :=  TRect.Create(TPoint.Create(0, 0), BtnRect.Width, BtnRect.Height);
memdc := gfx.GetHDC;
DrawThemeBackground(atheme, memdc, NAV_BACKBUTTON, BtnState, rect, nil);
gfx:= TGPGraphics.Create(dc);
gfx.DrawImage(bmp, BtnRect.Left, BtnRect.Top);

in NM_CUSTOMDRAW notification handler. The result is as follows:

enter image description here

Artifacts are clearly visible. So I tried another way:

  memdc := CreateCompatibleDC(dc);
  membmp := CreateCompatibleBitmap(dc, BtnRect.Width, BtnRect.Height);
  oldbmp := SelectObject(memdc, membmp);
  BitBlt(memdc, 0, 0, BtnRect.Width, BtnRect.Height, dc, BtnRect.Left, BtnRect.Top, SRCCOPY);
  FillChar(binfo, SizeOf(BITMAPINFO), 0);
  binfo.bmiHeader.biSize := SizeOf(BITMAPINFOHEADER);
  binfo.bmiHeader.biWidth := BtnRect.Width;
  binfo.bmiHeader.biHeight := BtnRect.Height;
  binfo.bmiHeader.biPlanes := 1;
  binfo.bmiHeader.biBitCount := 32;
  binfo.bmiHeader.biCompression := BI_RGB;
  bdata := AllocMem((BtnRect.Width * 32 + 31) div 32 * 4 * BtnRect.Height);
  mrect :=  TRect.Create(TPoint.Create(0, 0), BtnRect.Width, BtnRect.Height);

  DrawThemeBackground(atheme, memdc, NAV_FORWARDBUTTON, img, mrect, nil);
  GetDIBits(memdc, membmp, 0, BtnRect.Height, bdata, binfo, DIB_RGB_COLORS);
  DeleteObject(SelectObject(memdc, oldbmp));
  bmp := TGPBitmap.Create(binfo, bdata);
  pt.X := 0; pt.Y := 0;
  pt.Width := BtnRect.Height; pt.Height := BtnRect.Width;
  bmp.LockBits(pt, ImageLockModeRead, PixelFormat32bppARGB, bmdata);
  binfo.bmiHeader.biWidth := BtnRect.Height;
  binfo.bmiHeader.biHeight := BtnRect.Width;
  membmp := CreateCompatibleBitmap(dc, BtnRect.Height, BtnRect.Width);
  oldbmp := SelectObject(memdc, membmp);
  SetDIBits(memdc, membmp, 0, BtnRect.Width, bmdata.Scan0, binfo, DIB_RGB_COLORS);
  BitBlt(dc, BtnRect.Left, BtnRect.Top, BtnRect.Width, BtnRect.Height, memdc, 0, 0, SRCCOPY);
  DeleteObject(SelectObject(memdc, oldbmp));

This way it works ok (see topmost image), but if I turn on SheetOfGlass property of the parent form, everything is bad again: enter image description here

I also tried to use SetWorldTransform with right angle rotate matrix but it seems that DrawThemeBackground doesn't work this way (it just draws nothing).

So how can I draw this up arrow correctly using standard theme resources only?

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Draw to off screen bitmap and then rotate. However it will look terrible because the light is from the wrong direction. Better to get some real icons. –  David Heffernan Apr 18 at 13:48
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