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Below is my code:

   'me/albums', {
       fields : 'id,name,cover_photo,count,created_time'
    function(graphResp) {
        if(graphResp.success) {
            if(graphResp.result) {
               var albums = JSON.parse(graphResp.result).data;
               //get all album ids.    
               for(x in albums) {
                  var albumId = albums[x].id;
                  //get album covers
                  //var albumCovers= "" + (albums[x].cover_photo || 0) + "/picture?access_token=" + facebookModule.accessToken;                  

                  //get photos
                  var photos = "" + (albums[x].cover_photo || 0) + "/photos?access_token=" + facebookModule.accessToken;                 
        } else if(graphResp.cancelled) {
            alert("User Cancelled");
        } else {

When I do console.log I get a list of URLs, which are generated from the graph api. However I am returning an empty json object for each of them - hence no photos from that particular album is shown.

var photos = "" + (albums[x].cover_photo || 0) + "/photos?access_token=" + facebookModule.accessToken; 

The graph api call for that album is above.

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cover_photo will not give you the url of the cover pic; instead it will give you the id of the cover pic. Example

So, when you do : \{cover-_pic}/photos- this will give you a json, you'll have to fetch the required image from that. Example

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