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When computing the inverse of a matrix in Eigen it is up to the user to check if this can be done:

This matrix must be invertible, otherwise the result is undefined.

but how can I check for this condition in Eigen?

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You can edit that code into your question if you like, but I am not going to have a code sample in my answer that exemplifies doing the decomposition twice (once to see if inversion is possible, again to invert). There is a reason that FullPivLV::isInvertible() isn't a static member function. It would be more appropriate to return a boost::optional or use the TryXXX pattern which returns a boolean indicating whether inversion is possible, and if it is, fills an output parameter with the inverse. –  Ben Voigt Apr 28 '14 at 17:11

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Eigen provides a rank-revealing LU decomposition, which provides an isInvertible member function.


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There are plenty of other properties of matrices that hold only for invertible matrices. You can check one of those to see if the matrix is invertible.

One possibility is to check if the determinant is 0. Iff so, the matrix is not invertible.

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Checking the determinant is not very robust, however, due to inexact floating-point calculations. –  Ben Voigt Apr 18 '14 at 14:22

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