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I am attempting to update wordpress but I am receiving the following error:


I read these guides on making sure the file permissions are correct for wordpress:

WordPress correct permissions for files and folders

Changing File Permissions

(Sorry, will only let me post one link)

I have set file permissions recursively to 755, with the .htaccess and wp-admin/index.php to 644 yet I am still unable to update wordpress or plugins. Is there something that I am missing?

UPDATE I set all of my directory permissions to 757 and file permissions to 646. I hope that is secure enough, it allows me to update freely.

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Basically I am just trying to get the file permissions correct that allows me to update freely without having an major security issues. –  godo3n Apr 18 at 14:17

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here is a most important files and securing permissions.


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While the given link may answer the question, it is important to provide the relevant information from it here. The page may change or disappear and users shouldn't have to click through. –  Stephen Ostermiller May 29 at 14:55

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