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I have an interface Itest:

class Itest {
    bool testfunction(vector<int>& v, int& id);

I can mock it with:

MOCK_METHOD2(testfunction, bool(vector<int>&, int&))

but how can I set the return values?

I tried:

vector<int> v;
int i;
EXPECT_CALL(testobject, testfunction(_,_, _))

but then it is called three times..

How do I set these argReferees and the return value one time?

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You combine several actions together using the DoAll action:

EXPECT_CALL(testobject, testfunction(_, _, _))
    .WillOnce(DoAll(SetArgReferee<0>(v), SetArgReferee<1>(i), Return(true)));

See Google Mock wiki for more info.

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