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I am really interested in using the R.U.B.E editor to create my own players and what not. I am getting accustomed to Box2D through the use of LibGDX. But i can not find any resources (tutorials or examples) on how to load the JSON file into the Box2D world and use it. Please point me into some direction! I am really excited to study and learn this but have no clue where to find how to do it. I don't mind if its not Java, it can be c++. Sorry for my mistakes. Thank you.

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There are two R.U.B.E. loaders for libgdx:

I have used both of them and they work pretty well. I prefer the first one though. I think one of them is a fork of the other. Both of them have an AssetLoader which takes a .json file and returns a Box2D World.

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