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I am trying to insert a row into oracle DB with the below code

   Map<String, Object> params1 = new HashMap<String, Object>();
    params1.put(DAOConstants.PFL_ID, custVo.getPflId());
        params1.put(DAOConstants.CUST_REF_TXT, custVo.getCustomerRefTxt()
        params1.put(DAOConstants.CUST_REF_TXT1, custVo.getCustomerRefTxt()
        params1.put(DAOConstants.CUST_REF_TXT2, custVo.getCustomerRefTxt()
        params1.put(DAOConstants.CUST_REF_TXT3, custVo.getCustomerRefTxt()
                params1.put(DAOConstants.USER_ID, custVo.getUserId());
                                         .few more values
             SqlParameterSource params = new MapSqlParameterSource(params1); 
             int status = namedJdbcTemplate.update(insertRegSql, params, keyHolder,
            new String[] { DAOConstants.REGN_ID });

    regn_Seq_Id = keyHolder.getKey().intValue();

When i try to insert i get uncategorized SQLException:SQL state [null]; error code [0] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

I am not inserting a few nullable columns in that table.I tried executing the query directly into oracle db and it works(no length/type violation).To debug i tried reducing the number of values i am inserting via spring JDBC and found that i am getting the above issue whenever i try to insert more than 7 values(tried inserting into different set of columns each time) .

Any help is appreciated

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