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I am testing modulus.io to be the server I use to deploy me Meteor app. I have created project and db as outlined in modulus getting started for Meteor

I am using the leaderboard example, so as to have a clean app and keep the experiment simple.

WORKS FINE: - on my local machine. - when deployed to meteor.com (meteor deploy) - when deployed to modulus (modulus deploy) http://test01-12452.onmodulus.net and accessed from my phone via 3G network

DOES NOT WORK: - when deployed to modulus (modulus deploy) and accessed from my phone via WiFi network - when deployed to modulus (modulus deploy) and accessed from my computer via WiFi network

I thought my problem was due to database latency now that I am not on my local machine anymore, so I added the solution found here meteor database latency

Here is my code: leaderboard.js

Fruits = new Meteor.Collection("fruits");

if (Meteor.isClient) {

    Meteor.startup(function() {
        // anything you need to do, like subscriptions

    Template.leaderboard.loading = function() {
        var theCount =  Fruits.find().count();
        if (theCount === 0)
            return "LOADING... count = " + theCount;
            return "Count = " + theCount;

  Template.leaderboard.players = function () {
      var myFruits = Fruits.find({}, {sort: {score: -1, name: 1}});
      if (myFruits.count() > 0) return myFruits;

  Template.leaderboard.selected_name = function () {
    var player = Fruits.findOne(Session.get("selected_player"));
    return player && player.name;

  Template.player.selected = function () {
    return Session.equals("selected_player", this._id) ? "selected" : '';

    'click input.inc': function () {
      Fruits.update(Session.get("selected_player"), {$inc: {score: 5}});

      'click input.delete': function () {
    'click': function () {
      Session.set("selected_player", this._id);

    Template.new_player.events = {
        'keypress #new_name': function (evt, template) {  //hit return in textbox
            if (evt.which === 13) {
        'click #add': function () { //click button

if (Meteor.isServer) {

        insert: function () {
            return true;
        remove: function () {
            return true;
        update: function () {
            return true;

    Meteor.publish("fruits", function () {
        return Fruits.find({});

    Meteor.startup(function () {
        if (Fruits.find().count() === 0) {
            var names = ["Apple",
            for (var i = 0; i < names.length; i++)
                Fruits.insert({name: names[i], score: Math.floor(Random.fraction()*10)*5});

function addNewFruit()
    var new_player_name = document.getElementById("new_name").value;
    Fruits.insert({name: new_player_name, score: 0});
    document.getElementById("new_name").value = "";



  <div id="outer">
    {{> leaderboard}}


<template name="leaderboard">
  <div class="leaderboard">
    {{#each players}}
      {{> player}}

  {{#if selected_name}}
  <div class="details">
    <div class="name">{{selected_name}}</div>
    <input type="button" class="inc" value="Give 5 points" />
  <div class="none">Click a fruit to select</div>

    {{> new_player }}

<template name="player">
  <div class="player {{selected}}">
    <input type="button" value="X" class="delete" />
    <span class="name">{{name}}</span>
    <span class="score">{{score}}</span>

<template name="new_player">
    <div class="new_player">
        <input id="new_name" type="text" />
        <input type="button" id="add" value="Add Fruit" />

BY DOES NOT WORK i mean: I get "LOADING... count = 0" and it never populates any data from the database into the tamplate.

I also try the Chrome Javascript console

alert(Fruits.find().count());    //popup shows 0
> undefined
Fruits.insert({"name" : "cactus", "score" : 5})

it appears in the Template on client, but it is not actually inserted into the mongodb database at modulus.io (i checked by connecting via command line to the mongodb at modulus)

Bear in mind that if I am connecting via 3G then all inserts, updates, finds DO WORK as expected! Even if i connect my laptop to internet thorough my mobile phone connection, it DOES work!

UPDATE: it works when I connect with my 1st Generation iPad via Wifi! While at the same moment doesn't work on the PC via Wifi or on the Phone via WiFi :-(

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I was looking at other hosts beside modulus, and without a re-deployment it started working also on the WiFi connection. –  MedKhai Apr 18 '14 at 19:55

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