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I am trying to change the write direction in an NSAttributedString. However, I have a really hard time figuring out how to do it.

CTFontRef fontRef = CTFontCreateWithName((CFStringRef)@"ArialRoundedMTBold", 16, NULL);

NSDictionary *attrDictionary = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:(__bridge id)fontRef,(NSString *)kCTFontAttributeName, nil];

NSAttributedString *attString=[[NSAttributedString alloc] initWithString:self.stringMap attributes:attrDictionary];

self.attString = attString;

This is the code in which I initialise my NSAttributedString and I have read about the constant kCTWritingDirectionRightToLeft and I feel like I have to put it in somewhere but I can figure out where and how.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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Look at NSWritingDirectionAttributeName there: developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/uikit/reference/… –  Larme Apr 18 at 17:18
Ye I have looked at it earlier and it's all good but how do I utilize it? I always find apples documentation lacking examples. –  sqdejan Apr 18 at 17:29
My guess (didn't try): Key: NSWritingDirectionAttributeName, Object: @(1). –  Larme Apr 18 at 17:30
Can't get it to work :S looking in the code it says "Value must be a CFArray of CFNumberRefs" - would this correspond to a CFArray: @(kCTWritingDirectionLeftToRight | kCTTextWritingDirectionEmbedding) ? –  sqdejan Apr 18 at 18:07
What did you wrote? I would have wrote: NSDictionary *attrDictionary = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:(__bridge id)fontRef,(NSString *)kCTFontAttributeName, @(1), NSWritingDirectionAttributeName]; –  Larme Apr 18 at 18:16

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I read more carefully the doc.

I'll use NSFontAttributeName and NSWritingDirectionAttributeName since I'm more confortable with them than using all the bridge stuff, and also shorthand syntax.

So NSWritingDirectionAttributeName waits for a NSArray of NSNumbers. That was the issue. One of theses numbers must be a NSWritingDirection (LeftToRight or RightToLeft), and the other a NSTextWritingDirection (Embedding or Override).

So, the combinations possibles are (and I think you're looking for the forth one):

NSDictionary *attrDictionary = @{NSFontAttributeName:font,
                                 NSWritingDirectionAttributeName:@[@(NSWritingDirectionRightToLeft | NSTextWritingDirectionOverride)]};

NSDictionary *attrDictionary = @{NSFontAttributeName:font,
                                 NSWritingDirectionAttributeName:@[@(NSWritingDirectionLeftToRight | NSTextWritingDirectionEmbedding)]};

NSDictionary *attrDictionary = @{NSFontAttributeName:font,
                                 NSWritingDirectionAttributeName:@[@(NSWritingDirectionLeftToRight | NSTextWritingDirectionOverride)]};

NSDictionary *attrDictionary = @{NSFontAttributeName:font,
                                 NSWritingDirectionAttributeName:@[@(NSWritingDirectionRightToLeft | NSTextWritingDirectionOverride)]};


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