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On writing email body, when I open HTML editor in Hotmail, put image code for ex:

<img src="http://site.org/blabla.jpg" \> 

and change to rich editor to see the image, it always says undefined instead of showing the picture. I have no extensions installed. I tried it on Chrome and it works well. Whats wrong with it, is it only me or Firefox problem?

enter image description here

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So this is an image linking problem of Hotmail's Rich Text (WYSIWYG) Editor in Firefox? You're sure, that the image exists and that it's displayed in Chrome? –  Volker E. Apr 22 at 2:04
Yes, I am sure, I posted on mozilla forums and its confirmed. It doesnt matter, write anything, "blabla" and when change it to wysiwyg it becames "undefined". The problem is only in firefox btw. –  user198989 Apr 27 at 14:51
Well, Hotmail is a Microsoft product and they haven't necessarily cared about making their websites working seamless in other browsers besides Internet Explorer (no links given here to underline my argumentation ;) ) even with those user numbers rising. However, there is a Mozilla Feedback channel for broken websites in Firefox: support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/… –  Volker E. Apr 27 at 20:07

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