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I have a birdcall that plays every day @ 4AM and would like to stop it at noon.

the command I run is vlc --repeat sound.wav

I am running this command from my crontab file. I figured that I could kill the process with another cron job sh script, however the PID changes each time it is launched, so I find that hard to figure out. I thought about just making the call .wav file the entire length that I would want it to play and let vlc play it one time and be done with it.

Any ideas? I was looking for vlc --repeat durations....but not finding anything.

I really think that if I make the wav file 4 or 5 hours long I should be ok. What do you think?

Thank you for reading this.


I found the cvlc --play-and-exit command that might help me out.

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You could wrap vlc --repeat sound.wav in a script like so:

count_secs=$((8 * 60 * 60)) # 8 hrs * 60 min * 60 sec
vlc --repeat sound.wav &
sleep $count_secs
kill $vlc_pid
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vlc --repeat sound.wav & puts vlc into the back ground. The $$ in vlc_pid=$$ gives the PID of the bash script. Killing that pid wont kill vlc. On the other hand $! gives PID of the last program. vlc_pid=$! – Keith Reynolds Apr 19 '14 at 5:33

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