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I have create a toolbar button for my IE addon by writing registry setting in the rgs file as follows:

      ForceRemove '{GUID}' 
        = s 'My ToolsMenuItem' {
        val 'Default Visible' = s 'yes'
        val 'ButtonText' = s 'My Settings'
        val 'CLSID' = s '{<CLSID>}'
        val 'ClsidExtension' = 
            s '{<ClsidExtension>}'
        val 'Icon' = s '%MODULE%,<resource Id>'
        val 'HotIcon' = s '%MODULE%,<resource Id>'

I am able to create the button successfully in my IE command bar. However, the button appears only when I click on the ">>" at the end of the commandbar. I can however, manually go to customize and move the button up and down. But, I just wanted to know if there is a registry setting that I could use (that I can add to my rgs file above) and have my button automatically move up so that it is visible (without clicking on the arrow)? Thank you!

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