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any one help i execute opencl kernel program for image processing and want to know the process faster when the kerenl execute on cpu or gpu
i using tool "GPU caps viewer" take picture for specification cpu and gpu and want to know the best for run opencl kernel code to the cpu or gpu . why??

the gpu info


and for cpu amd info



Intel CPU

and i want to know why three option different for cpu (intel , amd) info

  constant buffer    amd 64KB   intel 128KB
  max sampler        amd 16     intel 480
  opencl extention   amd 16     intel 14
  work group size    amd 16     intel 14

any help


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time the kernel running on each device. then you will know which one is faster. – Kyle Lutz Apr 18 '14 at 19:09
how can compute it any example . – user1848223 Apr 18 '14 at 19:40
from device information what is the best cpu or gpu ???? can you know that ?? – user1848223 Apr 18 '14 at 19:41
You can't know how fast it is, is impossible. The cores, the memory size or the work size are non-related to the speed. The only option is to measure. IE: Can you say that a P4 3GHz is faster than a i3? By looking at the clock speed? Or the cores? Simply not. – DarkZeros Apr 18 '14 at 19:53
i want to know why cpu faster than gpu for opencl edge detection for video process for cpu process number frame per seconds greater than gpu for the same program and kernel but my gpu is good i play battlefield 3 ??? i want to know why ??? – user1848223 Apr 18 '14 at 20:23

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