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I have a 'products' database with the fields:

Img  |  Product Name  | Description  |  Department  |  Cost  |  Stock

Img is generated by just the file name, i.e 01.jpg This is so when I build the results table with javascript I can just do <img src="img/'$img"> peusudo code

Using pure javascript I have created a drag and drop upload. When I drag an image to the dropzone, it uploads it and stores it on my server. This works absolutly fine.

I also have a form that goes with it, that has input fields for the Product name, Description, Department, Cost and Stock.

My question is:

Whats the best way to link both the upload and the form. I don't want to force them complete the form before the upload and have that trigger the insertion. I need a way of uploading the image, but then waiting for the submit button on the form to be pressed before it can somehow get the 'uploaded image's name so I can store that in the database.

Don't worry about threats and sanitizing the data, I'l do that at a later time.

For the form's submit button, I am using an Eventlistner which takes all the input fields values and makes an XHR request to insert the values in to the database.

anything system you can suggest would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Mike

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