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I'm checking if a user has voted on a given post and then changing the up and down arrows' styling. The activerecord-reputation-system gem hasn't been updated in a while and every example I find either uses outdated code or requires tracking "up" votes and "down" votes separately. I prefer to just use :post_votes and check the value of that one parameter.


@voted_items = Post.evaluated_by(:post_votes, current_user)


<% if current_user && @voted_items.include?(post) %>
  # display active up or down arrows
<% end %>

How do I get just the value of the relevant record within the @voted_items object?

Edit: I notice there is no built-in scope for :value. Maybe adding one manually would let me query a particular value?

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For now I am came up with this method def on the model:

def evaluation_value(user, comment)
  if @up_voted = ReputationSystem::Evaluation.where(:reputation_name => "comment_votes", 
      :value => "1.0", :source_id =>, :source_type =>,
      :target_id =>, :target_type =>
  elsif @down_voted = ReputationSystem::Evaluation.where(:reputation_name => "comment_votes", 
      :value => "-1.0", :source_id =>, :source_type =>,
      :target_id =>, :target_type =>

It's not ideal because it requires hardcoding the values and other details, but it works for now until the gem is updated to allow checking individual values.

This way I can run comment.evaluation_for(current_user, comment) == "upvoted" or downvoted.

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