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For instance... I have some files in the format in the OLD directory...'s file Apr 18 2014)

and I have a NEW dir with in it... I'm trying to copy all the files from OLD to NEW and do some other operations if that file doesn't exist in NEW dir... I'm thinking of doing it ' while do' statement, but not sure what what to use in the condition...

Thanks, Sam.

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You can use rsync – anubhava Apr 18 '14 at 19:28

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You probably want to use find, and execute a script that does both the check and the operation.

For instance, (fill in your own variables):

FNAME="`basename $1`"
if [ ! -f "$NEWFNAME" ]; then
    # do stuff to "$1"
    # optionally cp "$1" "$NEWFNAME"

Then you run something like cd /old/dir; find -name "*.blah" -exec "{}" ";"

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