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I am trying to fetch input stream pdf from URL Connection but I am getting an empty input stream. Can anyone please tell me what is I am doing wrong? Following is the code:

<!-- language: java -->

URL fileUrl = new URL("https://www.dropbox.com/s/ao3up7xudju4qm0/Amalgabond%20Adhesive%20Agent.pdf");
HttpURLConnection connection = (HttpURLConnection)fileUrl.openConnection();
InputStream is = connection.getInputStream();
Log.i("TAG", "is.available(): " + is.available());

is.available() is returning 0 empty stream.

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Its working great here, is.availbale() returns 15595 bytes. –  slaadvak Apr 18 at 20:00
I am stuck at this. I dont know Why I am getting 0 or sometimes 1 –  mustang Apr 18 at 20:06
Have you tried the URL with your browser before ? –  slaadvak Apr 18 at 20:06
Yes browser is showing the pdf file with this url https://www.dropbox.com/s/ao3up7xudju4qm0/Amalgabond%20Adhesive%20Agent.pdf –  mustang Apr 18 at 20:08
On which OS are you working ? –  slaadvak Apr 18 at 20:11
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According to the javadoc, available() does not block and wait until all data is available, so you might have not completely received your stuff when its called.

You should use something like this instead of available() :

int bytesRead;
byte[] buffer = new byte[100000];

while((bytesRead = is.read(buffer)) > 0){

    // Do something here with buffer

read() is a blocking method.

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How to print the contents using this buffer? –  mustang Apr 18 at 20:37
If you want to print text, you can do it with a scanner instead : stackoverflow.com/a/5445161/3183264 –  slaadvak Apr 18 at 20:39
Why you were getting bytes when you did is.available()? –  mustang Apr 18 at 20:45
Maybe, because my Internet connection has less latency than yours, so more bytes where read from the stream when I was calling available(). –  slaadvak Apr 18 at 20:47
@slaadvak It's a PDF. You can't use a Scanner on that. –  EJP Apr 18 at 23:51
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You're misusing the available() method. It doesn't tell you the length of the input stream, so the fact that it returns zero doesn't indicate that it's empty. See the Javadoc, where all this is explicitly stated.

Just read it until end of stream.

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If your ultimate goal is to download a file from Dropbox, you should use the Dropbox Java API, or maybe this simpler solution. Otherwise, a URLConnection to a file on Dropbox will download a web page (in HTML) showing you a link to click (with a lot of other stuff !) for downloading your file.

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I do not want to download the file. I just want to open it, retrieve inputstream and fetch bytes from it. –  mustang Apr 19 at 5:19
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