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I wanted to know if it is possible to create a hard drive image using linux "dd" and then create a VMDK image in a one-liner. I tried this line several times and it didnt work for me:

sudo dd if=/dev/sda | VBoxManage convertfromraw stdin MyLinuxImage.vmdk 120034123776 --format VMDK

This was taken from this link:


Any suggestions?

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(1) Not really a programming question, doesn't belong here. (2) What "didn't work"? It's generally hard to debug problems without details. (3) The big number near the end is supposed to be the size of the image in bytes. The number here is unchanged from the example so unless your drive is exactly the same size as the other guy's, that's not right. –  Andrew Medico Apr 18 '14 at 20:19

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