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Using Play Framework 2.1, and I'd like to make small variations in behavior based on the request's Accept header. The only thing I can figure to do is this:


GET  /widgets  controllers.WidgetController.getWidgets()


public class LoginController extends Controller {
  public static Result loginUser() {
    if (ctx().request().headers().get("Accept")[0].equals("application/json")) {
      // ... json-specific logic

    // common processing code

    if (ctx().request().headers().get("Accept")[0].equals("application/json")) {
      return ok();
    } else {
      return redirect(...);

Seems very nasty and procedural. Any suggestions on the idiomatic "Play" way to do this?

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You can test if request().accepts("application/json“) but checking with if-else for every content-type seems to be the standard way.

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I wish Play had something like JAX-RS where I could annotate what it produces/consumes. –  Ryan Nelson Apr 21 at 15:17

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