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I need a library that allows me to create a visually appealing string (NOT necessarily HTML, perhaps some other mark-up language such as Markdown) from a template plus content, and, equally importantly, have the inverse function that converts pretty formatted strings (rendered content) to a Java object.

So suppose we have some imaginary templating engine XYZ, and the following template:

template =

< BOLD >{{Title}}< / BOLD >


< BOLD >Recipe< / BOLD >



template.set("Title", "Cute Title");
template.set("Description", "This is some good stuff, yeah?");
template.set("Items", Arrays.asList("Sugar", "Spice", "Everything nice"));

would render to

prettyString = template.render() ==>

Cute Title

This is some good stuff, yeah?


  • Sugar
  • Spice
  • Everything nice


PrettyStringObject obj = template.unrender(prettyString)

I don't know if this is common, and don't know the word for it and perhaps that's the reason I cannot find what I am looking for. Somebody answering this question suggested using protobuf, but I don't see how I can use protobuf for generic strings.

Does anybody know what this is called, and if there is a Java library that supports this? Or if it's possible with protobuf, how I can do that...

Much appreciated.

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Wrote a simple translator for my purposes, although I still prefer a more generic library that would allow me to make the library I am working on more flexible. –  Ryan Apr 19 at 1:22

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