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SqLite is widely pitched as zero install, however I am having problems understanding how I can write data from an asp web form to an sqlite database without installing a dll.

Am wondering if you could point me to some reference as to how to configure sqlite on an ASP server so I can connect to an sqlite database.

In addition is there a way to avoid any notion of installing a dll to manage connecting. Is there another way to connect to an sqlite db without needing to get users to install a dll.

If a dll needs to be installed why do you suppose it is alway talked about as a no install database.

Would appreciate any insight


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Sqlite is zero-configuration. Not zero-installation (whatever you think that should mean). on the sqlite homepage you can find many ways to bind from different languages

I have had OK results with the cherry city driver, and the ODBC driver at is also good for classic asp integration.

The users don't need to install the DLL, the serever urnning your ASP pages will however need to have it installed

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