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I've just started playing around with the roxygen package and I've very happy with the results so far. However I was wondering, is there a way to specify to roxygen that it should ignore certain functions that are not user-accessible?

Specifically, I'd rather not have a .Rd file pop up because I'm using the .onLoad() hook in my package. This function is already documented in the base package so there's no reason for me to re-document it.

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Well, I finally found and browsed the Roxygen-devel list at R-forge to see when this would be implemented, and it appears to already be in the version of Roxygen that is on CRAN. The key is to specify use.Rd2=TRUE when calling roxygenize(). Under this mode, Roxygen will skip creating documentation for any functions that are not preceded by Roxygen comments.

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+1 Thanks for following up on that. –  Shane Feb 23 '10 at 18:25
In roxygen2, you can also use @noRd to suppress the creation on Rd files even if you have roxygen2 documentation. –  hadley Mar 23 '14 at 23:10

This is on their to do list - in the next version, only functions with roxygen documentation will create man files.

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