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What is the correct/preferred way to determine whether a given service is installed on a Windows machine when using Chef?

I am using the service resource to manage starting and stopping the service, but I see no way to determine if a service is installed (my service doesn't show up in the Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs menu and has no registry entries).

I need to determine if my service is installed to ensure my recipe is idempotent.

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Are you saying the service resource isn't handling this for you. The service resource is idempotent... –  sethvargo Apr 19 at 16:44
Hi (again) Seth, are you saying that if I attempt to start a non-existent service in my recipe, that's okay? This is somewhat related to: stackoverflow.com/questions/23096451/…. I need to create a windows service to wrap/run a jar file. –  DonBecker Apr 20 at 0:32

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