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I trying to get my head wrapped around testing with RSpec. One of the problems I'm running into is getting RSpec to locate partials when calling render in a test for a view in the admin namespace.

Essentially, in my vieww, I have lots of render calls that use the abbreviated syntax, like this:

render @products

But, I guess because RSpec lacks the context of knowing that this view is in the admin namespace, it can't seem to find the partial located in app/views/admin/products/_product.html.erb. To get things working, I have to do something like:

render partial: 'admin/products/product', collection: @products

But, you know, I'm quite attached to the shorter syntax. It's kinda the whole point of following the Rails conventions. The reward for being such a good boy and putting everything in it's proper place, if you will.

So, I was wondering: is there is a way in my RSpec view test to specify that I am testing a view within a certain namespace? Is there some golden nugget that will make this pain go away?

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If you feel this really is an RSpec isssue, please log it on the rspec-rails issues. Based on your general description, this sounds like a rails issue.

When you use render @products in a view, that tells Rails to render a partial. This is different from a render inside the controller action.

According to the Rails docs, when you render @customer:

@customer instance variable contains an instance of the Customer model, this will use _customer.html.erb to render it.

What this is leaving out is the path for _customer.html.erb. Unfortunately, the current docs make you hunt for this. Under the collection info, is this gem:

Rails determines the name of the partial to use by looking at the model name in the collection. In fact, you can even create a heterogeneous collection and render it this way, and Rails will choose the proper partial for each member of the collection:

What this essentially means is that, in your view, when you perform render @customer, this attempt to load: app/views/customers/_customer.html.erb. Not the namespace you have setup already. If you wish to use the namespace, your model must either already be part of that namespace (i.e. Admin::Product) or you must specify the full partial path (as you have already found out).

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Thanks for your reply. Everything works as expected (and documented) in Rails. Rails has no problem locating the correct partial to render. It's the RSpec view test that can't locate the correct partial. –  toasterlovin Apr 21 at 17:10
Also, I should add that, contrary to your last paragraph, you do not need to namespace your model to render a namespaced partial; you have to namespace your controller. –  toasterlovin Apr 21 at 17:11
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