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I have some old RAR files and I know the general format of passwords I used to use, so I have generated a dictionary file combining those words in a variety of ways. The dictionary file is 500 MB and I've wrote a python program to use the dictionary.

The issue is that the program has been running all night and is only 1% of the way in. I've now divided the dictionary file up and I am now running multiple instances of the program, but each instance is running pretty slow.

I would love any advice on how to improve the speed. I'm very new to python, which will be obvious by my code (but I'm really enjoying python)

import itertools
import sys, traceback
import os

with open('dictionary.txt') as infile:
    words = [line.strip() for line in infile]
    for word1 in itertools.product(words, repeat=1):
        fword = word1[0]
        print "Attempting: " + fword

        # open unrar and test password
        output = os.popen("unrar.exe x protected.rar -p" + fword)
        outstring =
        slng = len(outstring)

        # unrar.exe returns "All OK" for correct password
        validate = outstring.find("All OK", 0, slng) 
        if validate != -1:
            print "Found password: " + fword
            with open('correct_password.txt', 'w') as outfile:
            # continue searching
            print "invalid password"

raw_input("Password was not in this dictionary!")

Sample dictionary.txt

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Oh thanks. Is there an easy way to shift it there or do I just delete this and re-post it? – sarasimple Apr 19 '14 at 10:34
A moderator can migrate it, but it's probably easier to delete and re-post – jonrsharpe Apr 19 '14 at 12:13

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