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How to convert HTML to MS Word compatible format especially the Image ? Basically I need to convert HTML (Generated from TinyMCE) To MS Word Doc with Images etc (non URL images) and I figured out that MS Word doesn't support Data URI HTML standards . MHTML seems to be a a good option ? How can I convert a HTML with Images to MHTML using Python ?

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I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to use MHTML (.mht files) if they can possibly avoid it. It's way obsolete, it was never a standard, it's not widely supported, and it has no future. There has to be a better alternative. IMHO... –  FoggyDay Apr 19 at 4:19
Quite true but its for an inconvenient requirement :) –  Nishant Apr 19 at 4:20
Q: Have you considered RTF? It's also a Microsoft format, it also supports embedded images ... and it has a Python module: pyrtf.sourceforge.net –  FoggyDay Apr 19 at 5:48
Will have a look however my source is HTML so I thouhght HTML MHTML would be the easiest . –  Nishant Apr 19 at 6:22

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Tim Golden's tips on using IE own object may solve this case : http://timgolden.me.uk/python/win32_how_do_i/create-an-mhtml-archive.html

But actually, I also looking for a cross platform solution for this.

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