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In my app i need to show the different paragraph style for each and every paragraph in UITextView.

like if for first paragraph that user write has headIndent 10.0 then second paragraph has 26.0 and third paragraph has 7.0 and fourth paragraph has 0.0 and etc... .

and if i did this by if else condition then typing speed getting slow.

what should i do for this ? that typing speed will not become slow and i can set the different paragraph style for different paragraph.

I am putting my small code which is in shouldChangeTextInRange method to get idea about the problem...

NSArray *sampleArrToGetattrStr = [txtViewOfNotes.text componentsSeparatedByCharactersInSet:[NSCharacterSet newlineCharacterSet]];

for (int i=0; i<[sampleArrToGetattrStr count]; i++) {
    NSString *strtostoreLength = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@",[sampleArrToGetattrStr objectAtIndex:i]];
    varStaringPointOfString = (int)strtostoreLength.length + varEndingPointOfString;

    if ([strtostoreLength hasPrefix:@"  \u2022   "])
        NSLog(@"if %d == %d == %d == %lu",i,varStaringPointOfString,varEndingPointOfString,(unsigned long)strtostoreLength.length);

        paragraphStyleForBulletInNewPresMethod.minimumLineHeight = 0.f;
        paragraphStyleForBulletInNewPresMethod.maximumLineHeight = 16.f;
        paragraphStyleForBulletInNewPresMethod.paragraphSpacing = 7.5;
        paragraphStyleForBulletInNewPresMethod.lineSpacing = 5.0;

        [mutattstr1  addAttribute:NSParagraphStyleAttributeName value:paragraphStyleForBulletInNewPresMethod range:NSMakeRange(varEndingPointOfString, strtostoreLength.length)];

        NSLog(@"else %d == %d == %d == %lu",i,varStaringPointOfString,varEndingPointOfString,(unsigned long)strtostoreLength.length);

        paragraphStyle.minimumLineHeight = 0.f;
        paragraphStyle.maximumLineHeight = 16.f;
        paragraphStyle.paragraphSpacing = 7.5;
        paragraphStyle.lineSpacing = 5.0;

        [mutattstr1  addAttribute:NSParagraphStyleAttributeName value:paragraphStyle range:NSMakeRange(varEndingPointOfString, strtostoreLength.length)];


    varEndingPointOfString = varStaringPointOfString;

    strtostoreLength =@"";
[txtViewOfNotes setAttributedText:mutattstr1];

Any kind of help will appreciate.

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