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I made PNG 58×58 image named myIcon@2x.png and set to app icon.
When build by simulator, the app correctly run.
But when real machine, the app outputs error
with message Failed to write PNG data for the app icon set from "AppIcon appiconse.../×29@2x.png
Why do such error occur?

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Try to find answer here - Build app with Xcode 4 - it always show some error about PNG image

There is solution:

You have to save your PNG files as NOT INTERLACED. Try to open the file in photoshop (or similar), save as, and select "Not interlaced".

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I guess that you use simulator with retina display, but device with non-retina display.
Icon with size 58×58 is used for iPhone Settings/Spotlight, iPad Settings for retina display.
Icon with size 29×29 is used for the same aims but for non-retina display.

  1. Actually you need add icon with size 29×29.
  2. If this icon exists in your project then check if it is really uses PNG format.
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The 58 x 58 size is for the Settings icon, not the app icon. Look at the Apple Docs for details

App icon (required for all apps) 120 x 120, 152 x 152, 76 x 76

Settings icon (recommended) 58 x 58, 29 x 29

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