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I try to connect my mobile phone via adb connect to my pc. but there is always a error message:

C:> adb connect ip
unable to connect to ip:5555

I am using Windows 7 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (GT-I9195) with android 4.2.2. If i connect vie USB it works. Also it works with an Asus Tablet with Android 4.0.3 I've installed the latest version of the SDK

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Is debugging enabled on the device? Enabling debugging on 4.2.2 requires a special procedure. – ThomasW May 12 '14 at 3:51
debugging is enabled. The reason was that the adb wasn't running on port 5555. adb tcpip 5555 with the device connected via USB solves the problem. – Benedikt Bock May 12 '14 at 7:16

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Try this:

adb tcpip 5555

Make shure that your device is connected via USB when lauching the command. Then adb connect should work.

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